Youth Program

The Portland Shaolin Center’s Youth Training Program brings a creative and fun approach to teaching traditional Kung Fu skills to a younger generation. Our goal is to guide students in developing into excellent martial artists and healthy and happy individuals. It is our hope that the training we provide will help our students to become centered, confident, and socially aware agents for positive change in their communities.

youth_tiger_thumbThe Youth Training Program at the PDXSC is open to students ages 8 to 12 and is taught by some of PDXSC’s most passionate and qualified instructors, Patrick Burke and Chris Coleman. The training program is designed for students of all levels and abilities and will take them from the foundational basics all the way through more advanced levels and techniques. Throughout the course of their training, students will have the opportunity to develop skills in all the classical areas of traditional Kung Fu, including empty hand forms, basic weapons training, self-defense techniques, supervised and controlled sparring, chi kung, and meditation.

Learning traditional Shaolin techniques and applications develops our students’ balance, coordination, problem solving ability, self control, memory, and gives them an accurate understanding of the mechanics and movement of their own bodies. In order to provide a well balanced study of Chinese martial arts, the youth training program also teaches students the internal Shaolin practices of chi kung and meditation, supplies them with the cultural and historical background of the art, and instructs them on the proper pronunciation and meaning of all the techniques and terms in Mandarin Chinese.


The Shaolin Kung Fu training at the PDXSC helps young adults develop respect for themselves and others, care for their minds and bodies, and develop the tools to approach challenging situations with patience and focus. It is our hope that investing time and effort in our program will have an invaluable positive effect on our students for a lifetime.


Youth Class Times

Sundays, 9:30am - 11am
Ages 8 - 12 only


Our memberships are on a monthly subscription basis. Registration will trigger a monthly charge to your credit card in the given amount. To change or cancel your membership please contact us. We will never jeopardize the security of your personal and credit card information.