Travis Brown

I think nearly everyone who attends Portland Shaolin Center feels pretty identically about the school. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty difficult to write anything new about how great this place really is.

I could easily write a three page essay about all the different points on why this is a fantastic school and describe each aspect from curriculum to atmosphere to the instructors, etc. in a completely positive light.

I could also write a five page essay on what all this means to me personally because attending this school for the last three and a half years has affected me so deeply that it has changed who I am as a person only in positive ways.

So, I’ll leave it at this: if you’ve ever had an interest in martial arts or self-defense, this school is for you; if you simply have an interest in staying in shape, this school is for you; if you want to find a Kung Fu family that will support you, this school is for you.

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