Laurent Avondostondt

If I had to pick a single word to describe how I feel about the Portland Shaolin Center I would say nourishing. I have felt this from the beginning and it becomes deeper as I arrive at my one year mark.

The physical training provides a demanding workout. The kung fu has a wide focus, ranging from simple punch/kick techniques to complex animal and weapon long-forms. The importance of yin/internal teachings is also an integral piece of the training.

The teachers have an enthusiastic and enjoyable approach to conveying their knowledge. I have found them all to be humble, positive, and possessing amazing skill and patience. My fellow students are a heterogenous mix (backgrounds, profession, sexual orientation, gender, race, interests) all there to learn kung fu without ego.

If there was a single part of the School that makes it so fantastic it is the community feeling. This sentiment ties all the above together in a warm package. I do not need to think about it, I know/feel that I am a part of a great group of people as a member of this community.

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