Gracie Koester

Finding the Shaolin Center has made a remarkable impact on my life. Having sustained a severe back injury, my goal was to avoid surgery. Practicing Tai Chi has been an indispensable part of my recovery. Seeing the remarkable change it has helped me achieve, my doctor now considers it an essential part of my ongoing therapy. Studying Tai Chi at the Shaolin Center has helped me re-integrate my movements and gain greater mobility. It has given me insight into the ways I use my body and enabled me to move with more grace, fluidity, and strength and translates into increased physical, mental and energetic function in my daily life.

In the early phase of my recovery, a friend told me, “injury is the greatest teacher”. That was tough medicine to take while in the heart of pain. Having traveled the road of recovery, one of the things I find myself thankful for is that I found Tai Chi at a relatively young age. I wish it hadn’t taken injury to bring me here … but I’m so glad I’m here.

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