Tom Bailor

Tom Bailor began his study of Tai Chi Chuan in 1987 and has been teaching Tai Chi since 2000. He is a student of  Master George Xu and is a Chief Instuctor and national representative for WACIMA, an international organization dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of Chinese Internal Martial Arts. Tom has a Master of Arts Degree from Gonzaga University in Organization and Leadership.

As a life long athlete, he is a long time student of joint mobility, movement, mental and physical performance. Tom is a Z-Health  certified R, I, S Movement Rehabilitation and Integration Specialist. Tom practices and teaches Yang and Chen Style Tai Chi, 10 Animal 6 Harmony Hsing I, Therapeutic Tai Chi for Mobility and Balance. He continues to seek new approaches to martial arts for health and self defense. Tom Is also a lifelong competitive swimmer and coaches aquatic athletes for health as well as competition.

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