Patrick Burke

For over 30 years, Patrick has gained great insight and experience through the studies of various Martial Art disciplines, earning rank in Aikido, Ju-jitsu, Hapkido, Kenpo and Shaolin Kung Fu. After achieving 2nd degree Black in 1997 in Kosho Ryu Kenpo, he embarked on a path focusing on the “art” side of Martial arts; practicing Iaido (sword way), Shodo (Brush Calligraphy), Shiatsu (finger pressure massage) and even Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) in addition to his ongoing studies in the concepts of the Budo (martial) applications. Patrick continued teaching students of all ages until 2007 when his pursuits led him to Shaolin Kung Fu. It was here he found the challenge and understanding of “mastery through effort”.

Being a father of 4 daughters, as well as being their instructor for many years, Patrick recognizes the complexities involved when teaching our youth. His years of experience as a youth mentor as well as several years assisting grade school classroom fundamentals, in both volunteer and professional capacity, greatly enhanced his ability to discern teachable moments.  As an employee in the public schools, Patrick gained tremendous exposure to classroom management and student communications through ongoing educational workshops such as Positive Student Behavior and Bullying / Harassment Intervention. He has taught Tai Chi through Portland Parks and Recreation as well as leading summer Martial Arts Camps and soccer coaching through the local school district. Identifying the need for stronger perception within the diversity of our cultures, Patrick has traveled numerous times to both Japan and China where he experienced the first-hand awareness of cultural unity, as well as participating in a Tai Chi class or two.  His tenacity for knowledge and enthusiastic spirit inspires Patrick to guide the Portland Shaolin Youth Program students into an enjoyable understanding of Kung Fu.

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