Joel Fraley

Joel Fraley has been training in Shaolin Kung Fu since 1999. He has been training and teaching at Portland Shaolin Center since 2008. In addition to teaching our normal curriculum, Joel rises early to teach our morning Tai Chi classes.

“Martial arts training influences and benefits every aspect of my life. Physically, Kung Fu constantly challenges me to be stronger, more flexible and more relaxed by maintaining proper structural alignment.

Mentally, Kung Fu challenges my memory, communication skills and focus. Meditation practice increases mental awareness and relaxation. Practicing Kung Fu is a great stress reliever!

Emotionally, Kung Fu provides discipline, self confidence and encourages me to act with respect and humility.

The most rewarding part of being an instructor is developing the relationships that are created over time as our students progress. Helping our students meet and exceed their goals is immensely gratifying. Plus, being a teacher means you have to be willing to do everything you ask your students to do, which means I should be practicing!”

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