Birch Bayer

All through his life, Birch dreamt to one day be a great martial artist. While growing up he spent many years under the external teachings of Taekwondo, learning the crushing power of the foot and the velocity of the hand. Always craving more, and wanting to develop his mind and internal energy, he discovered Shaolin Kung Fu and with that, found the discipline that he would devote his life to.

Birch came to us in 2012 from the Boise school where he spent many years under the guidance of Master John Keller. Leaving Boise was hard, but in Portland he found a new home with a strong sense of community and life-long friendships. At the Portland Shaolin Center, the opportunity to study under Joe Wieland and to learn from his fellow black belts is an enduring journey. To have the opportunity to help instruct his fellow students and to help in the growth and momentum of the school is an honor and a dream being fulfilled. Birch enjoys training under the concept that patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.

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