We love working with groups in the community and have developed several different workshops focusing on everything from Team Building and Conflict Management, to Stress Reduction and Workplace Ergonomics.

Contact us today to find out more about our programs, pricing and availability and don’t forget to contact your health insurance provider and find out if providing your employees with our service reduces your rates.

Seated Massage

Letting everything go is a skill, and knowing how to relax takes practice. Increase productivity and morale by providing employees with the experience of being tension free.

Private and group Tai Chi classes

build team cooperation and communication by practicing both the physical and psychological principles for reducing the perception of threat and strategies for conflict resolution.

Team Building Through Self Defense

Build the confidence of your team, as individuals and as a group, through two-person drills that teach the fundamentals of self defense.

Personalized Ergonomic Assessments

The way you hold your body, sitting or standing, shapes your body. Are your employees hurting themselves and reducing productivity because their bodies are holding bad shapes? The real question is do they know how to reshape themselves? Empowering the body, unleashes the mind.