Programs & Pricing

We offer the following training tracks with combination packages and a New Student Special available.  All of our memberships are on a monthly subscription basis. Signing up below will trigger a monthly charge to your credit card in the given amount. To change or cancel your membership please contact us. We will never jeopardize the security of your personal and credit card information.

External Kung Fu

This is our core curriculum providing advancement-oriented training in a broad range of empty hand and weapons styles. It includes access to all Lower Belt, Brown Belt, Black Belt, Tai Chi, Eagle Claw and Northern Mantis classes.


Internal Arts

These classes offer a deep study of foundational principles and techniques with a focus on dynamic body alignment, martial application and proper energy flow as well as partnered exercises to develop sensitivity and application. Includes access to all Tai Chi and Ba Gua classes.



External + Internal
(save $45)


Drop-In Rates

The drop-in rate for any class is $20.  Drop-ins are great for busy students, travelers and anyone else who can’t make it on a regular basis.  10 class Punch Cards are also available at the school for $180 (buy 9 get one free).



Private Lessons

Our base price for private lessons (one-on-one) is $75.  Semi-privates (two-to-one) and small group lessons are also available at a discounted rate.  Topics and curricula can be tailored to each student or group and may include Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, test preparation or just about anything else. Please contact us to discuss your goals and setup a meeting with an instructor.

New Student Special

External - $250
Internal - $195

Our Philosophy

We believe Kung Fu should be accessible to everyone, not just physically, but financially. If you truly cannot afford tuition, come talk to us. Scholarships and barters are available, made possible by the generosity of our students.