New Classes 2019

The Portland Shaolin Center is excited to offer some new classes in 2019:

Monday nights: Myk will be teaching the 24 Yang form as a staff form from 6-7:30pm and the 32 Straight Sword Yang form and Introductory Push hands from 7:30-9pm.  Students are welcome to borrow the schools weapons for these class. All we ask is that you treat any weapons you borrow with care and respect.  You can also check out the attached flyer to see some of the recommended vendors for weapons if you want to own your own.  Please do not bring any sharpened weapons.

Tuesday nights: Brian Pike will be teaching weekly Kali class from 7:30-9pm.  Kali is a Filipino martial arts to uses sticks, knives, along side open hand technique.  This style uses joint lock and throws as well as strike.    There will be sticks to borrow available and students can speak to Brian if they are interested in buying one for themselves.

Wednesday nights: Joel will be teaching an additional Chen Tai Chi class from 6 – 7:30pm.  This Tai Chi style combines circular motions and silk reeling into a dynamic martial style.  This class will allow students to build on knowledge from the Friday morning classes and help students make greater progress on their Chen Style.

Sundays: Jay will be teaching a sparring class from 11 – 12:30 pm.  The class is open to yellow belts and up.  Please bring a mouth piece, groin cup, and any other padding you would like. Also come ready to learn and have a good time learning how to move and apply techniques with another person.

Please contact us at [email protected] or speak to the individual instructors if you have any questions about the classes.


Location & Time

Portland Shaolin Center
3818 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland OR 97202
Wed Jan 2, 2019
Mondays 6pm-730pm ; Mondays 730pm - 9 pm; Tuesdays 730pm - 9 pm; Wednesdays 6pm-730pm ; Sunday 11am-1230pm
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