FREE Yang Tai Chi Workshop

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is perhaps the most widely practiced style of Tai Chi Chuan outside of China.  Many people are familiar with the Yang Chen Fu frame and the Standardized 24 Form Yang Style popularized by the Chinese government for health and well-being.  Even so, there are many variations of these even in China.

Tai Chi Chuan is an art based on principles.  Many people focus on choreography and don’t adhere to or understand how to practice principles. We will practice Yang style movements, mobility, and discuss variations suitable for people with different movement challenges, disabilities and aging.  As it is a “martial” art we will also cover some application principles and techniques.

This workshop is open to all levels but extremely valuable to people working with aging people, teaching balance classes, those with disabilities, or simply seeking to get an in depth perspective on practicing the Yang Style frame from a lifetime practitioner.

“This art that I practice and teach to others is not for taking on enemies but for the protection of ones body.”

-Yang Lu Chan


Tom Bailor has practiced the Yang Style for 30 years and began learning the long form in 1987 from his Chinese language professor.  He has been teaching Yang style for over 20 years and has taught students for both health and martial development. A senior student of Master George Xu, he has studied with and has had correction from many teachers in China including Ye Xiao Long, Lu Rui Gong, Wang Lian Fu, and Shen Sin Lin.  He also practices Chen Style and has studied Wu style and the Yang Ban Hao form and has extensive comparative experience. 


Location & Time

Portland Shaolin Center
3818 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland OR 97202
Sun Feb 25, 2018
2pm - 6pm

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