Brown Belt Pretest

Testing Material

 3rd Brown to 2nd Brown:

  •  All White through Green material
  •  1st White Crane
  •  1st Shaolin Bird
  •  Brown Belt Tiger
  •  Single Ended Staff (Gun)
  •  San He Chien (3 measures breathing)

 2nd Brown to 1st Brown:

 Everything listed above plus

  •  2nd White Crane
  •  2nd Shaolin Bird
  •  Jie Quan
  •  Sea Dragon Cane
  •  Broadsword

 1st Brown to 1st Black

 All lower and brown belt material

Location & Time

Portland Shaolin Center
3818 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland OR 97202
Sat May 13, 2017
9am - 5pm

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