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What we call “Kung Fu” is a broad term for all Chinese martial arts, with roots going back over 1500 years. At the heart of the tradition is the Shaolin Temple where Buddhist monks trained in self-defense to protect themselves from roving warlords. As the monks went out into the world, they encountered and brought back different martial styles, which they incorporated into their training.

Our approach is very broad and includes elements of Northern and Southern Fist, animal styles, the Eighteen Classic Chinese weapons, Tai Chi Chuan and much more. We find that working in multiple styles is an excellent way to train the body and the mind.

The original Shaolin monks were seekers of knowledge and we try to be too. At our school, we foster an environment of curiosity. We believe each person comes to us with their own Kung Fu — be it prior martial arts experience, or a great sense of humor. The temple we are building is a crossroads of experience and welcome to everyone.

… And if all this talk of modern temples, fighting monks, and community is too much, don’t worry. If you just want a good workout that’s not boring, or your doctor said some Tai Chi might help your balance, we’re here for you.


Fonda in the Snow

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