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Classes at the Portland Shaolin Center introduce people of all experience levels to the basics of the 1500 year old martial art Shaolin Kung Fu (Shaolin Gongfu). The training includes physical conditioning, Internal and External Styles, Animal Styles, Empty Hand and Weapons forms, meditation, sparring, Ch'i Kung and T'ai Ch'i Ch'uan. We emphasize a technique-based, pragmatic approach to studying the full curriculum of traditional Chinese martial arts.


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Interested in studying with us or finding out more about what we do? Stop by the school during any of our class hours to meet the instructors or dive right in and try out a free class. We offer low-priced, unlimited, pay as you go memberships, morning, midday and evening classes, and will never ask you to sign a contract.

3818 SE Powell Blvd (@39th Ave)
Portland, OR 97202 (map)


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